About me? First of all, I’m pretty awesome. I also laugh at just about everything all the time, because I am happy and I like a lot of good things; plus I hear laughter is good for the aging process. I love cats. I have three fur babies… Mihos the cat, Siva the golden lab, and Pickles the boxer. They are my highlight of every day. I also love high fives.


What do I do? I am a Figure Competitor. I have prepared my body for 10 years to be where I am now. I lift heavy and eat a ton of food. I’m a personal trainer and a Competition Coach. I help athletes prepare for Bodybuilding contests by designing diet and training programs, teaching posing, organizing tasks, and practicing the mentality to achieve their goals of competing. I have also worked with MMA fighters and jockeys to help them reach their performance goals.


What have I done? I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Exercise Science with a Minor in Psychology from University of Louisville (2011). I have competed in one National Level contest (2011), and 9 Regional Figure contests (1-8th place, 2004-2012), and I’ve appeared in Hooters International Swimsuit Pageant, calendar, magazine, and cards (2006-2008). I have also been a ring girl for American Fight League (2 years). I’ve spoken to classes about my experiences at Spencerian and Georgetown Colleges.


What am I going to do? My ultimate goals are to obtain a Master’s Degree in Exercise Physiology, my NSCA-CSCS and Pro Card as a IFBB Figure competitor. In the meantime, I enjoy life and appreciate everything I have as well as the amazing people I have around me. I will keep trying my hardest to better myself physically, mentally, and spiritually. I will learn and I will teach. I will do big things and I will motivate others to do the same. I will also still trip on stuff, have blonde moments, say the wrong words sometimes, be a dork, forget things, have bad days, and act like a kid. I will still make mistakes and I will still laugh at them.


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